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We service all bikes!  All brands, all years, and every type of bikes. 1, 2 or 3 wheels.


Over the phone, it's difficult to estimate how much your bike repair will cost.  Bring in your bike to our Cool Springs location located near Brentwood and Franklin in Nashville, TN and we will happily estimate how much your repair will cost at no charge to you.


R.B.'s Cyclery has a great $50 Tune-Up to meet the needs of all Road, MTB, Triathlon and Casual cyclist.

R.B.'s Tune-Up includes:
- Wipe down frame
- Adjust shifting on the front and rear derailleurs
- Adjust front and rear brakes
- Safety Check
- Lubricate Drivetrain
- Test Ride


Maybe your bike doesn't need a "Tune-Up".  No problem!  R.B.'s Cyclery also provides individual repair services from simple shifting adjustments to complicated suspension rebuilds. 

Adjust Rear Derailleur - $12
Adjust Front Derailleur - $12
Install New Derailleur Cable - $8
Align Rear Derailleur Hanger - $25

Adjust Brake (each) - $10
Replace Brake Pads (pair) - $8
Install New Brake Cable - $8
Bleed Hydraulic Brake (each) - $20

Size and Install Chain - $12
Install New Cassette - $10
Install New Crank and BB - $40
Creak / Noise Diagnostic - $65/hr

Install Tire and Tube (each) - $10
Adjust Wheel Bearing Tension - $10
True Wheel (minor) - $15
True Wheel (major) - $65/hr



Keep your bike in tip-top condition this season.  Routine and scheduled maintenance helps parts last longer and perform better too.  Below is a schedule of bicycle maintenance that applies to most all bikes.   We teach a FREE basic bike maintenance class the first Saturday of every month at 4 pm.  You can find more info about the class here

Bicycle Maintenance Schedule

Service to Perform  Daily   Weekly   Monthly   Quarterly   Yearly 
Inflate tires  x
Check / Adjust Brakes x
Check / Adjust Headset x
Tension of Important Bolts x
Wash Bike Clean Drivetrain x
Lubricate Drivetrain x
Basic Tune-Up x x
Replace Tires x x
Replace Chain x x
Replace Cables and Housing x x
Replace Handlebar Tape or Grips x x
True Wheels x x
Replace Brake Pads x
Replace Pedal Cleats  x
Replace Tubeless Sealant x
Complete Overhaul x


Join us every month for our FREE Roadside Repair Class

WHO:  Everyone!  Class is FREE.
DATE:  First Saturday of every month. NO CLASSES OFFERED NOV - FEB
TIME:  4:00 - 5:30pm
WHERE:  Here at our store R.B.'s Cyclery
BRING:  Your bike.  This is a hands-on class. 

Topics Covered
- Wash and care for your bike

- Lubricate your bicycle chain
- Remove your wheels
- Change a flat tire
- Adjust your brakes
- Advanced shifting techniques 


R.B.'s Cyclery wants to give back to the Nashville community with your help.  

  1. Bring your old bike to one of our stores.  
    (Adult, Kids, Road, MTB, Hybrid, all types accepted. Bike must be complete, no missing parts.) 
  2. We will then donate that bicycle to the Oasis Bike Workshop in Nashville, TN.  This organization passes on your bike to youth in the Nashville area.  These youth then tear-down and rebuild your donated bike in a 6 week bike repair / building class. 
  3. Next pick out any new bike we sell in our store and take 10% off the price. ***10% discount does not apply to sale bikes.

    - Its a win-win deal for everyone!


In the Vitoria town square.  The greenest city in Spain for its many parks.  The city was beautiful.  Honestly, a park on every other corner and boulevard.  Gelato shops were everywhere.  I probably had ice-cream twice a day.  When in Spain, do as the Spainards.

Last Week I had the awesome opportunity to be the mechanic for the USA Triathlon National Team at the Long Distance Triathlon World Championships.  Athletes from all over the world traveled to Vitoria, Spain to compete in this (2.5mi swim, 75mi bike, and a 18.5mi run) triathlon.  A little over 100 US athletes competed in Vitoria.  Most of the participants were age-group amatuer athletes along with a few elite professionals.

My day started Tuesday night with 15+ hours of travel to arrive in Vitoria on Wednesday afternoon.  My job started promptly after arriving by helping athletes assemble their own personal bikes.  For the next three days, I stayed busy assembling bikes, adjusting shifting, adjusting brakes, loose headsets, etc...  Most of the repairs were simple.  However, there were challenges along the way too.  One athlete broke both bolts that held on his aerobar pad.  This took a bit of time to resolve but a few hours later we had it back together.

Race day was Sunday and my job started early before the race.  I helped athletes before the start making sure their bikes were ready to race.  Once the race started, my job was over.  Athletes are not allowed to receive outside repair assistance once the race has started.  This was a long race.  Most athletes finished in 7 to 9 hours while the pros finished in 5:30.    

Once the race was over, we drank good wine, ate some great food, packed all the bikes into boxes, and headed home.  I had a great time in Vitoria and met some incredible athletes.  I would like to thank USA Triathlon for the awesome opportunity and hope to be invited again next year to the 2013 World Championships.


1.  Buy and use new tires at the race.  New tires will decrease the chance that you will get a flat. You can always put your old ones back on after the race.

2.  Bring a spare rear derailleur hanger for your bike. Your bike shop will know what this is if you don't.

3.  Bring your shoes, pedals, and helmet in a seperate bag. If the airline looses your bike, you can rent another and still use your own shoes and pedals.

4.  Air in our tires is important. Long valve extenders can be problematic. Make sure your race wheels can be easily inflated.

5.  Tune-up your bike at your local bike shop the week before you leave.  Make sure they thouroughly check the bike for any parts that need to be replaced.


Trying to stay warm with David Slavinski the morning of the triathlon.  David is a super guy and had a great race!  1st overall in the male 40-44 age group.  World Champ.

Overall race winner Chris McCormack from Australia finished the race in 5:29.  I was lucky enough to have a great view of his transition onto the bike.

Gale Minard from Memphis competed at LD Triathlon Worlds.  She wore a smile the entire trip and had a great race.  Congratulations Gale!


R.B.'s Cyclery is your one stop, go fast bicycle shop.  We're committed to providing our Nashville customers the best roadtriathlon, and mountain bikes from CerveloFeltCannondale, Scott, Electra and a HUGE on-line catalog of bicycle parts, and cycling apparel from excellent manufacturers.  We are a locally owned bike shop committed to give you excellent customer service.  Visit RB's soon and let our experienced staff; talk with you about bikes, increase your comfort with a great bike fit, deliver amazing bike repair services or lead you on a fun group bicycle ride.

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